Word of Solace is my Blog where i aim to educate, inspire, and motivate people and give value to their lives by increasing awareness on certain issues such as mental health. Subjects range from science, Philosophy, Art and many more. Health, Knowledge, and Peace are the fundamentals of this blog so any free time you may have, grab a coffee and have a read at the articles that interests you!

Word of Solace also aims to make it easier for people to understand issues, such as what is going on in science, philosophical discussions, and mental health issues that are well researched. Word of Solace does not aim to consult or give advice on matters that require professional expertise but rather to inform of what reality is by sharing different perspectives on different issues.

Book Reviews are also a major part of word of solace where i give my opinions on the books i have read as well as provide analysis of them in posts. Some of the books have important information that could be relevant to modern society and contribute to how people see the world. Not many  people today would read books but finding a way to make it easier for people to understand adds value.


Not everyone is fond of ads popping here and there and is really a turn off. Word of Solace depends on the generosity of the public by donating the amount that they see the content here is worth. In exchange word of solace will continue to bring free valuable content for people to read, ponder, and internalise. There is no minimum donation amount and i leave that to your own generosity!





  1. This website is full of good feelings. It is good to find places like this and bloggers whose mission is to psychologically help others by spreading knowledge.
    I enjoyed your article about anti-depressants. Some say this is the mother of all evils and I could not agree more. Our society is being literally eaten up by mental illnesses, but public opinion still likes to think depressed people are only a bunch of outcast turned psychos.
    Thanks for shedding some light on a variety of interesting topics, you definitely got me as a fan and I will keep coming for more.

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