Understanding Laziness and Procrastination

Lets discuss this. Laziness and Procrastination is one of the major killers of success. It leads to nowhere simply because you are not going anywhere. You ever been on those days where you’ve been so passionate about a particular thing and somedays you just dont feel it anymore. So then you see it as a good reason for you to take the day off or not even go at it again because the feeling is not there.

Sometimes one may also be scared that when things get complicated that further pushes you into the position where you don’t pursue what you wanted at the time. Well there’s something to know about that in relation to your goal of achieving the life that you deserve. It does’nt matter.

To be pretty frank, your feelings are irrelevant in the process of you reaching the goal that you want. Your goals dont care what you feel but they just want you to get there. So how are we going to do that?

The mind doesnt know, it just reasons

Your mind is one of the many things that we dont fully understand and sometimes contradict what you thought your mind should do. Your mind is a tool to recognise reason to connect point A to point B. It doesnt know what is right or wrong but simply what fits. You may see that point A will connect to point B without considering there was a A.1 A.2 and so on.

Take for example the forensic scences that are applied in a crime scene investigation. Based on the clues that they find that is what they are going to conclude even though there is the possibility that it is entirely wrong. If the mind could distinguish between right and wrong then CSI would’ve probably ended alot sooner and a whole lot easier. So how are we going to use that to our advantage?

To recap, we talked about the recurring thought of demotivation, and lost of interest in doing a particular job, task, or goal. Now knowing how the mind works you should know that what your mind tells you is not necessarily true. You may have that embarassing thought after working so hard at something you begin to think “maybe this goal is’nt really all that it is made up to be”. And that is where your mind will assist you by giving more reasons for you to think that way.

The opposite is also true. Based on reasons for it to feel motivated then so it will be but at times we are not going to be in a situatio where our goals are the end all be all achievement. There will be days of good and days of bad and what matters is what you do in those bad days.

Filling your mind with positivity is a powerful tool that will change the mind on how it can assist you. And just how are you going to do this? by simply doing it. The actions that you take towards something is what controls how you feel. It tells your mind that “this guy is really serious about this” and you are the one to control that.

If we were all acting out on the basis of what we feel at a certain time and place, then we would be no different than the lost one. However, what we do and how much we would do for a thing whether your body tells you not to is what makes the big difference.

You are your worst enemy

We’ve all heard this before and now try to internalise that again. Every single day you will wake up thinking not knowing what you want because you were in a moment and now you come to reality. Your reality is what you make it out to be. Look around you, everything you see that were built were the result of what we as humans thought we could build. And guess what, we did. So really what is stopping you?

In essence of this, you find that the biggest enemy and threat to us not achieving the life and passion that we deserve is us ourselves. You are only hurt by your enemies by your permission and surprisingly that includes you, or more specifically, your ego.

Positivity, Positivity, Positivity

Positivity goes a long way to achieving your goals which is why every single day you have to feed your mind with it. This wont stop thoughts lurking in your mind but as they get stronger so do you. Recall that the mind is only taking in consideration of what the situation has and in those bad days is where you have to be prepared because the your feelings and motivation are (remember) not judging on what is true but only what is apparent.

Your goals will not become apparent instantly or else you would have already achieved it. The only reason to have such faith is believing in what you not yet see and the gift of that is seeing what you believed. The mind is very powerful in making things seem tangible that can actually affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. But at that moment what really matters is which end of the sword would you want to be in? that is YOIUR choice.

I have hoped this message was of use to you and please do share the positivity 🙂

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  1. This post gives courage whenever you have bad moments in the life, work or home situations. It is inspiring, and reading this, will make me think to believe in it and to stay motivated at all costs!

  2. what a fabulous informative article! Positivity is so important in life. If you expect things to go wrong and they will on the other hand if you are positive you attract positive people

  3. I so agree with you that positivity is the key to so much good in life. We have all, at one time or another, been around someone who is so negative that it makes us feel negative too and you just want to tell them to go away. At least, that has been my experience.

    Thank you for sharing such an inspiring post.

  4. Positivity is the essential ingredient to progressing through life. Too many of us give up our drive & passion through negative thoughts, I think most of us have felt that desperate feeling life sometimes throws at us.
    Thinking positive thoughts to what I’m determined to achieve stops procrastination setting-in meantime I set & accomplish daily goals followed by the same pattern for weekly & monthly goals. The straightforward tip of writing goals down helps me progress through life.
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Great way of explaining how positive mindset can really help make a change Zulfan, thank you for that. I particularly agree with you about the need to take action. Taking action is in itself the most powerful message to yourself and the world that you do believe in your goal, and therefore it can stat to become real.

    1. Hi Lucy! Thank you so much for your interest and concern for this topic. It really is something we ought to think about and take action towards a brighter future for everyone. Think good, Feel good. Have a nice day 🙂

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