In this discussion, we take a closer look at whatit means to be spiritual and the science behind this phenomena that takes hold of the majority of humankind. Of course, there is to be expected the consequential responses that appear when bringing up spirituality especially from the scientific community.

Spirituality can be defined as something that is, if you may, out of this world. Now saying this statement includes both the views of science seeing spirituality a sudden appearance out of nowhere and from the perspective of religious spiritual parties that believe in a word for real than this one.

How significant, or insignificant, is spirituality in contributing to or human development? How can something immateral become so real and have an effect on the material world? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in this discussion.

Bringing Life to Matter

Now it is expected we all know the jist of the debate on matter and spirit today. Spirit or religion to be an opium of the masses by the marxism movement and science taking over to explain that we are merely highly intelligent bowl of matter soup.

But how well do we actually know about this ghostly figure and what it does to us? Arguably not much and we continue to undermine the actual gravity of the spirit. How real it can be, how tangible it really is and how it defines us more than we give credit to it.

The essence of the spirit from whichever perspective is basically to bring life to matter or atleast try to. Similarly trying to see a dfferent reality that exists not exclusively beyond the material but as one with everything, matter, spirit, intellect, and the unseen.

Lets take a look at what the arguments are and analyse them. Say we take the scientific materialistic, naturalism, that everything is nothing but matter and it gets complicated with age. Fast forward to human beings and the intellect was born where now we are able to think, ponder, plan, and most importantly the ability to understand or percieve spirituality. Now its not about what we see in the world how we see it.

Nature took a turn from then on where civilization began and to what we see around us today. Everything we see around us is a result of what we thought we could build, and we did. How important is this? well spirituality was one of the main driving forces of history and yet the statement of spirituality being a psychological fluke or immaterial could have such an effect to society?

Now this may look like we are only looking at the effects of thinking that there is a spiritual force though it does’nt tell of its existent substance. This is a fair point to make. But now lets look deeper within the human being. Something within every human to recognise value, and the rational symphony of spirituality.

The Anatomical Resonance of Spirituality

To recap, we were looking at spirituality whether it may be an actual substance, or a psychological fluke, we are looking at such a fluke that resonates within every human and encompasses the whole of humankind to believe in something greater than themselves.

So given the cases we find today about the effects of spirituality, there is something worth noting about spirituality being realised by the human body or mind. Like it or not, Spirituality lives within the human by means of something that ables it to resonate within the physical, emotional, and mental sense. That’s how spirituality plays such an important role.

An extraordinary example is the sense of admiration towards art, music, and moral integrity. The body should’nt be able to recognise symphony of if it didnt recognise something about the balance and melody being in full tune with the body. And similarly, this spirituality acts in the same way.

This is still consistent with being able to scientifically explain the rational or mathematical mechanics but the take home message is that the body is somehow evolved OR designed in a way that spirituality, substancially exists or not, manifests itself. Because then humans can never have such cases of spiritual or emotionally peaked experience whether placebo or fact. This includes spiritual healing, meditation, and most religious practices.

Spiritual Basis for All Motivation

This is admittedly a bold statement but again lets disect this. In a universe bound by the laws of physics with things in momentum and change what is the basis for having the motivation to do something? This may step into personal reflection ground.

every goal set human has a certain agenda to which they achieve their wildest dreams. Yet knowing things change and nothing remains in constant motion what is it that humans can safely hold on to to atleast keep on living? Give it 1, 10 or 100 year goal to be set their only gaurantee should be that they know their goal does not change and can safely base their purpose on that particular goal.

This is the fascinating part. We, the humankind like it or not would like it we were to not die and completely live forever and some may think that we can. But those who accept their fate require something that transcends death. This is not to say that an afterlife exists or not but our human psychology recognises that they can only dream of having something to live an die for.

In essence we at some time cant help but become spiritual, something that rligious parties believe goes beyond what they experiece in this material realm. So lets ask the question again, “How insiginificant or significant is spirituality?” because now perception becomes reality. The line now is drawn between people who totally submits to the essence of higher meaning and others that simply dont believe in it.


To conclude, the importance of spirituality must be re-evaluated in terms of potential routes to understanding humankind. Science may refute the substancial existence of spirituality but it cannot and should not undermine the existence of its effects to human understanding. Something in which science struggles or atleast has quite a lot of work to do in trying to explain areas of mental and emotional pain. Spirituality is part of our human nature that resonates with humankind to believe in a trascendent reality and we can only reflect within our own lives how significantly that has played in our lives.

What are your inputs to this area of subject? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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  1. Yes yes yes! AMEN! I feel that even if you’re not into religion you can always be into spirituality. I believe in God BUT he is my own version of him. He’s what I like to call my Higher Power. Great article! I’ll definitely be back to read more! Have a blessed day!

  2. Ive always been into more of a spititual intuative sense of mind then religion. i refuse to call anything god simply because i see it as humans attmepting to understand something by simply giving it a title . i prefer to call what ever it is a universal influence. Great post

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