Guess the place?

I want you to guess where this picture was taken. Could it be in the maldives? nope. Maybe somewhere in southeast Asia? wrong again. Maybe somewhere close to the desert? unlikely but then you’d be right. Welcome to Shatti Qurum Beach in Muscat Oman. Right when i saw this view i knew i had to put it all in my journal.

My family recently moved here while i was still studying in university. I came to visit them during the winter and what a smart choice i made considering how cold it was in the UK. Before coming here i didnt know what to expect. I’ve never seen pictures of Oman or anything worth noting about the place.

On board the flight using Oman Air, I picked up the magazine where usually they would show you the highlights and landmarks of the country. One thing i noticed straight away was how green it was. This was a place outside the capital called salalah where the green was just as any rain forest in southeast asia or even greener.

They had fascinating large malls, cinemas, and performance theatres where they did plays close to where i lived. When i was young i was never really a fan of plays and musicals but i remeber my first when i went to see “wicked” in london. That was when i started looking at peforming arts differently, and much more, beautiful. So what say i go see a play here in oman?I still kept the ticket when i went to the “wicked” performance in the UK, so now i started to collect any tickets where i went to a play.

The Waters

There is no shortage of beaches here in oman that i can tell you. Some are farther than others to the capital but if you are considering to go to any of them then turtle beach is definitely my pick. This was a perfectly timed photo so kudos to the taker. This was in turtle beach resort and we’ll get to why it was fascinatingly named so.

Turtles during their migration come to the beaches of oman to breed their eggs. To do that they need to go to shore where the waves are massive, the sands are soft and the surroundings preserved from human interaction. These turtles lay to about 150-200 eggs yet only 10% actually survive. Once they are done laying their eggs then onwards to continue their journey.

The water is blue, sunset is orange, and the sands are if you will, therapeutic, meaning their very grainy and really sink in your foot’s shape. Sometimes i would see fishes swimming around and try to catch them with no success. There were also other times where we thought it was a fish finding out it was a tangled net under the water and did we all scream running out of the water? maybe. Would we ever do it again? definitely.

I would also emphasise again that this is only one beach experience out of many you’ll find in Oman. You’ll find any of them to be as beautiful as the other and you wont be dissapointed.

The Unblinding Sun

One of the few gems for me here is the sweet sunsets. You look at it as though it was the moon, unblinding and bright, and it gets more orange as the time passes. Reminiscent feelings consistently follow the suns colour change until you realise its time to go back. The best thing about it is that you dont necessarily have to go to a beach to see it. Anywhere you are in Oman you will see it.

I would argue that the best time to experience it would be in winter, a time of hot suns and cold winds. And where else would you go other than camping in the desert. Note you dont have to do that since there are reserves where you can spedn the night in the desert, with activities such as dune surfing, ATV, and many more.

The Treasure in the Sands

As previously said, one of the best times to go to the desert is in winter because considering the temperature during summer, i dont think anyone would survive under that blazing sun. In winter however, things would surprise you. In the day you’ll find activities to do such as my favourite dune surfing and in the night you’ll find camp fires, and a starry night. You would most probaby find yourself in complete awe, reflection and contemplation as i did.

At times i would find myself where i had to write and put every thought in my journal and this article would be an example of one of those entries. I was always of one to find moments to write and being in the experience of the starry night, camp fire, and silence can really do good for a writer.

All in all, Oman keeps on surprising me more and more with beauty and treasures i find in unexpected places. Among the places where i would have hoped to go to, never would i have expected that Oman would be on that list and so i find myself in a position to admit Oman as one of the treasures i never really asked for and i will continue to have more of these experiences in the future.

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  1. Hi Zulfan, really interesting post, I have travelled quite a bit, but never to the Middle East, a friend once encouraged me to go out there for work, but it never got past the wondering stage. You really do make it look like a wonderfully amazing place to visit, you never think of anywhere in the middle east with “green… just as any rain forest” ….You only think of deserts, what an eye-opener!

  2. Thank you for bringing this beautiful place to us. It has made me put Turtle Beach on my list of ‘must-go’ places. The pictures you took of Oman paint a peaceful and tranquil place, no wonder your family moved there. I think I will love it too.

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